In Malaysia, you need to be careful when buying fire extinguishers as the price of extinguishers seems low but the quality is very poor. As well as the distributors, some provide satisfactory services and some provide personalized service. So how do you choose a good fire extinguisher and a good fire extinguisher?

The Extinguisher Below Market Price

Don’t ever think if you get the lowest prices, You’ve saved your pocket money! Extremely cheaper extinguishers at market prices are risky as they are usually poor quality such as rust and so on.

Fire Extinguisher
This is the example of Cheap Extinguisher with Low Quality Products

Yes, this is one of the reasons you will not be treated as a Customer because you pay too low! Distributors will only treat you with care and of course, the service will not be satisfactory. So do you choose cheaper prices that are cheaper than markets with bad services or reasonable prices with satisfactory services?

Malaysia No.1 Fire Extinguisher Factory

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